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Author Guidelines

Submission Process

  • You are required to submit your research paper using the "Submit Article" option on the journal website.

  • Alternatively, you can click this link "Submission Link" to proceed with your submission.


Format & Structure

  • Use this TEMPLATE  to submit your research paper to the BJSSD Journal.

  • During the submission of your research paper, you have to submit the filled COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT FORM.

  • Only MS Word is the preferred format for the submissions.

  • Only electronic submissions of manuscripts are permitted if the text, tables, and figures are all contained in a single Microsoft Word file.

  • The article's title should be strong, centered, and typed in 14-point Times New Roman font.

  • The author(s) information, including full name, designation, organization name, state, country, and e-mail ID should be centered below the title in 12-point Times New Roman.

  • A short abstract is required for all manuscripts. The whole length of the abstract, including keywords, must not exceed 250 to 300 words. It should be in emphasized and properly justified text. In a few sentences, it should summarise the study background, methods, key findings (s), and conclusion.

  • Authors are required to include 4-6 keywords in their work. The keywords should be listed alphabetically, with commas between them and a full stop at the conclusion.

  • The length of the manuscript must be between 3000 to 5000 words. It should be 1.5 spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman font and a 1-inch margin on both sides. It must be written in a clear and concise manner, with no spelling or grammatical problems.

  • All tables and figures should be included in the paper's main body.

  • All equations in the research paper/articles should be numbered sequentially in parenthesis, horizontally centered, and with the equation number on the right.

  • At the conclusion of the article, the authors should list all references alphabetically.



  • For references, use the APA format.

  • Only those references that are actually utilized in the text should be mentioned by the authors.


Review Process

  • The manuscript must not have been accepted for publication or be under review elsewhere when it is submitted.

  • Each paper will first be reviewed by the editor before being sent to referees for blind review.

  • The research articles will be published based on editorial board members' and reviewers' recommendations. 

  • It's possible that the evaluation procedure will take two to three months. 

  • When choosing whether to accept a submission for publication, the Editor considers the reviewers' evaluation reports, the originality and relevance of the concepts covered in the work, and the potential addition to the journal.

  • The authors will only be notified of the paper's selection through email.


Article Publication Cost

You will need to cover the publication fees once your research paper has been selected for publication. Please review the following guidelines regarding publication fees:

  • Single author: 1500.00 INR

  • Double authors: 2500.00 INR

  • Multiple authors: 3500.00 INR

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